The Barry Pages
This website belongs to: Barry Greenfeld and Heather Swallow

So if this is a home page, I better talk about my home.  I live in Vancouver, BC - widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the whole wide world.  That’s not just us saying it.  It was some United Nations committee that came up with that.  We don’t disagree, that’s all.

This is my website.  The COMEDY part is about my comedy.  The MONAVIE part is about this great new juice I’m taking - and sharing with people.  It’s multilevel marketing on a binary (not pyramid) system and it’s a fantastic product.  The YO’MONEY part is because I’m also a bookkeeper and I can help you with your taxes.  It’s the least interesting part, but whatever.  I’m like triplets.  I’ve got all these facets.  Triplets have facets, right?

Barry Greenfeld - Stand Up Guy
Stuff to Do in Vancouver
visit science world with kid
cycle around with spouse
eat gelato at Mario’s
grab a hot dog from a vendor in English Bay
nap on the beach
time for a burger on Granville Island
attend a Mona Vie tasting
work work work
eat eat eat

It’s a little song:

Mo na vie

Co me dy

Yo’ Mon ey

No?  Okay then, just write to me.